Blizzard is Primed for a Big PAX East Showing

With PAX East just around the corner, Blizzard has yet again, stirred up a bunch of publicity right before the event. There isn’t another company that I can think of, other than Apple, that does a better job at getting their fan bases excited for new products. With several large announcements this week, it looks like PAX East is going to be very interesting for the company based out of Irvine California.


Their main showing or “crème de la crème” product is going to be Overwatch. With it recently coming out of a massive open beta weekend, and its impending release, in a little over a month, the Overwatch team will be very busy this weekend. This year at PAX, Overwatch will be one of the main events, as a tournament dubbed as “the grudge match of the century” will be played by the PAX founders (doppelgangers) Gabriel and Tycho. The main event will be played at 6:30PM on April 23rd at the Boston convention center and it can also be viewed live on their live Twitch channel here.

Hearthstone, Blizzards multi-billion dollar cash cow, should also stir up some publicity this weekend as they have just announced the release date of their upcoming expansion:Whispers of the Old Gods. Slated for next Tuesday 4/26, the new expansion will be brining 134 new cards with two new formats: Standard and Wild. Standard, Hearthstones take on a season mode, will only allow the basic card set plus any cards released in the last two calendar seasons. So that means when this expansion launches, the card sets from the Adventure mode: Curse of Naxxramas and the expansion: Goblins vs Gnomes will no longer be available for Standard mode. The Wild format, like you’ve probably already guessed, will allow all cards released at all times to be played. The downside to this mode is that if you want to play professionally, the Wild format bears no significance in the global rankings.

Most importantly, it’s reported that Hearthstone will be hosting a Twitch live-stream event this weekend and if history proves correct, they will announce an expansion related event for Whispers of the Old Gods. Perhaps, Whispers of the Old Gods will be available in the Arena, much like they did with GvG, or perhaps made available in Tavern Brawl, like they did with TGT. But knowing Team-5, they probably will have their own special event, catered specifically to this expansion.

Heroes of the Storm, Blizzards wildly fun and unique MOBA, is yet another game that will cast a big shadow at the Boston based, convention center. The recent announcement of the playable hero: Tracer, was announced today and will only be available this week for those who have pre-purchased Overwatch: Origins Edition. If you haven’t purchased Overwatch, then you’ll have to wait until 4/26 to play her, but if you’re like me, you’ll be too busy with Hearthstone to even care!

With so much stirring around Blizzard just a few days before a major videogame convention, there is most likely going to be another major announcement during this year’s PAX East Expo. With the limelight squarely on them, Blizzard is bound to drop a bomb and excite its fan base, like it has regularly done in the past. Make sure to stay posted with because will be covering anything that’s announced at the upcoming PAX East Expo.

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