Call of Duty Black Ops 3: Killing it with the Shotgun Class

Cod head article

With almost two full days of game time logged, I’m forcing myself to finally do a write-up on this game. COD 3 (Call of Duty Black Ops 3) is Activision’s most recent iteration of their multimillion dollar cash cow. Unfortunately, over the years, the franchise has become stale and the product has become morosely banal to play. That’s all changed though with COD 3, as the Treyarch team has breathed fresh air into the game by introducing a myriad of new features and ways to play the game. Primarily, the team did a good job poaching Titan Falls jet pack mobility, as each map is tailor fitted for this ostensibly quicker and more expansive playstyle. Since I haven’t really played any Campaign and get bored too quickly with Zombies these days, I figured a nice little weapon specific game guide is just what you’d all want.

The reason that I chose to do a write up on specifically the shotguns of COD 3 is because a few days ago I achieved the Diamond skin for all four shotguns: KRM-262, 205 Brecci, Haymaker 12, and the Argus. What is a Diamond skin you ask? Well, it’s actually the gun skin you achieve by garnering a gold skin with every weapon in a given class. Since there are only four weapons in the shotgun class, this was one of the easier classes to achieve that feat with, albeit it was still a feat in my estimation!

In general the best way to use a shotgun is to run around like a mad man and hip fire the heck out of anyone you see. Learning the maps is crucial, especially when it comes to using the shotguns as you will want to know where all the “danger” zones are so that you can be prepared for enemy encounters. The key to success with most guns, not just shotguns, is having the ability to consistently flank the opponent, and the best way to do that is to have solid map awareness at all times.

KRM-262 (la crème)

The KRM is my second favorite of the shotguns. It’s the most powerful of them all and the best for close quarters combat. There is nothing more fun than getting behind the enemy lines and sticking the KRM in the opponent’s pooper. If you’re having a tough time with one vs ones and it seems like all your opponents are prodigy 15 year olds jacked, up on aderol, with more fast twitch muscles, then this is the weapon for you because there is not enough red bulls in the world that are quicker than a one shot kill!

KRM-262 Laser SightLaser Sight:
A must have for this weapon, if you’re looking down the sights with this weapon, then you’re not using the weapon correctly. More accurate hip-fire accuracy is all that needs to be said about this attachment.


KRM-262 Long BarrelLong Barrel: Crucial for hunting down and finishing off the people that seem “just out of range.” The Long Barrel enables the KRM to be lethal at mid-range distance albeit it takes two shots to kill. Don’t try and initiate a head on encounter from a father distance, as you will lose most of those matchups; it’s best for trying to finish off someone running away from you.


205 Brecci (Mr. Breccison)

This was my first love and my favorite shotgun by far. The 205 Brecci has strong damage and a rapid fire rate. It is great for mid-close range encounters, and drops people with only two shots. This should be played very similarly to the KRM in that you should be running around flanking opponents and sticking it in their pooper. Unlike the KRM, the Brecci has more range which will allow you to engage in a midrange 1v1 with a good chance of success.


Laser Sight: Same reason as above

Long Barrel: Just that extra little range goes a long way with shotguns.

KRM-262 Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire: A better fire rate means quicker kills; quicker kills equals a better kill percentage; a better kill percentage means additional happiness in your home/martial life. So next time, when you’re eating dinner with the wife or husband and they notice how you’re happily glowing like you’re 8 months pregnant,  just exclaim “Mr. Breccison and rapid fire made a baby and that baby is my happiness!” And after your significant other asks for a divorce/split-up because you play too much videogames, you can at least go back to your love affair with a gun named Mr.Breccison his wife Ms. Rapidfire, and their child happy- happy-joy-joy.

Haymaker 12 (Piece of Garbage)

This piece of garbage; the Haymaker, is the only shotgun I detest playing with. It was a grind for me to obtain the 100 headshots and myriad other objectives required to obtain the gold skin for this weapon. The only time I found this weapon mildly intriguing is when I put a silencer on it and used it like a SMG. The thing is, this isn’t an SMG: it’s a lurid automatic shotgun that is worse than an SMG.


Laser Sight: Same reason as above

Rapid Fire: Have to make it fire faster since it doesn’t kill someone in two shots (which is an eternity with shotguns).

KRM-262 Suppressor

Silencer: The only redeeming quality to this weapon is the ability to stealthily stick it in the opponent’s pooper. Winning head on 1v1’s is a losing proposition against good competition, so your only chance for sustained success is to evolve into a weasel-rat combo that lurks in the shadows, waiting for unsuspecting prey.

Argus (Fargus)

As it says in the crafty sobriquet I gave it, the Argus has range that the other shotguns are jealous of. This thing has serious range and with a long barrel on it, you can 1-shot kill opponent’s from really far away. How far you ask? I don’t know, you tell me how far point a is to from point b in a freaking videogame! All I know is that it’s far. Unlike the other shotguns, you won’t be running around like a mad man, the Argus is for those with finer constitutions and who like to play the game more traditionally (hide behind a bucket and wait for someone).

KRM-262 Reflex

Reflex Sight: If you’re like me, then you stink at looking down iron sights. And as I explained above, the Argus is different; this isn’t a weapon that you run around hip-firing everyone in sight with. Looking down the sights is crucial with Argus because it’s only lethal if you hit the opponent in the chest/head area. Getting two shots off with the Argus is not optional; it’s too slow so you’ll actually have to aim with this weapon!

Long Barrel: As I stated above, this attachment is absolutely necessary. It makes its range crazy, just try it; I’m telling you it’s broken.

General Perks

Perk 1

OverclockOverclock: Allows you to earn Specialist weapon or ability faster.

If you have a Specialist that can perform multiple takedowns during its duration, then this is a fantastic perk to have. Essentially, any specialist that uses a weapon will flourish with the Overclock perk, getting 3-4 specialty weapons a game, opposed to the standard 1-2.


GhostGhost: Become invisible to Scorestreaks.

The Ghost perk is essential for that ever-important flanking tactic. It gives you the ability to become virtually invisible to all Scorestreak’s with a stipulation that you must be in motion for it to be active. But that shouldn’t be a problem because you’re on a never-ending quest to plunk someone, anyone, in the pooper!


Perk 2 


Perk 3

Gung-HoGung-ho: Allows you to hip-fire and throw grenades while sprinting.

This is by far, the most important perk to have while using a shotgun. The ability to hip-fire a weapon while sprinting is crucial for success with shotguns and it is probably why Treyarch made this perk available on level 1.


AwarenessAwareness: Enemy footsteps become inordinately louder.

If you have a nice set of headphones then you should always have this perk, no matter the weapon. With shotguns, like I’ve already iterated above, running around in enemy territory will become commonplace and if you can hear someone running up behind you or around a corner, it will give you that all important advantage in a one vs one situation.

Dead Silence

Dead Silence: Your footsteps become more silent.

After what I’ve just written, do I really need to explain why you should use this perk?It is a level 50 perk, so it would be a good candidate for using an unlock token on if you’re going to prestige.


Additional Notes


If you’re someone who is struggling with the game, or are like me and want a diamond skin weapon ASAP, then you should check out the shotgun class. Learning the intricacies of the maps has never been easier than with shotguns, flanking the opponents and roaming around searching for the next victim to sodomize at a spawn point is all part of the game with shotties. So if you like getting cursed at and being called a “cheater, with no skill, who sucks at the game,” then give the good old Shotguns a try!



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