Top 3 Decks of Season 19

Halfway through Season 19  and it’s time to project the top 3 decks going forward. Unfortunately, The Grand Tournament wasn’t as “meta-breaking” as everyone originally thought and previously dominate decks like the Grim Patron Warrior still reigned supreme. Over 130 new cards weren’t enough to shake the competition up and Blizzard has finally conceded and decided to nerf the Warsong Commander; essentially destroying the Patron as we know it today. So what does that ultimately mean for the game? In a nutshell, it means we are going to see a very large influx of aggro decks reassert themselves in the meta game as viable options for high level play. This is great for the game, because in my opinion, once viably cheap decks like Face Hunter should now see play again. Hearthstone can truly hang their hat on the mantra of “free to play” once again with FTP actually becoming accessible to a large swath of the player base. But enough of my semantical gibber jabber, you came here to see the top three decks of season 19, so without further ado, the top three decks of the season are…

Secret Paladin:
It was a top 3 deck last season and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. The soon to come nerf of the Patron Warrior will solidify this as one of the best because one of its largest weakness came from the damn Patrons! This deck will essentially become the new Patron Warrior: the deck everyone bitches about because they don’t know how to properly play against it.

Good Against:
With the reassertion of Handlock, this is perfect time to pick up this deck as it can consistently out maneuver Handlocks and get through most obstacles the archetype puts in its path. Secret Paladin also smacks around most midrange decks with its expeditious ability to take control of the board. Ironically, the one class that has a direct answer to this archetype: the Hunter (Flare), struggles the most against this deck and it’s basically because it’s a lesser version that can’t keep up with the tempo plays that Secret Paladin outputs. I don’t think there is a Paladin deck out there that isn’t playing Muster for Battle; its effectiveness on turn-3 is just not fair, instantly wresting away tempo from the opponent and allowing you to easily set up a devastating mid-late game.

Bad Against:
Like I said above everyone is going to start bitching about this deck claiming that’s its either over powered or “not fun” to play against, which in my opinion, is the most cry baby shit I’ve ever heard. Seriously, just learn from your mistakes and adapt to the meta game. Decks like Face Hunter and Aggro Paladin can easily outpace the Secret Paladin. With few early game options, games can quickly snowball in the opponent’s favor, especially if they have a strong turn1-2 opener.

Aggro Druid:
I don’t know how long this deck will last at the top, with one of its best traits being a “surprise factor” it’s bound to precipitously drop as soon as the community figures out how to play against it. As it stands now though, the surprise factor is real and this deck is kicking some ass!

Good Against:

Essentially, this has the Combo Druid skeletal frame with the Force of Nature and Savage Roar combination being its primary win condition for the deck. That’s a damn good win condition though, especially if the aggressive cards at the front end falter out for some reason. This is one of my top 3 decks of the season because it performs extremely well against some of the most popular decks on the ladder: Midrange Druid, Secret Paladin, and Handlock.

Bad Against:
This deck gets rocked by Patron Warrior so when that archetype gets nerfed this deck should only get stronger! Control Warriors and Dragons Priest also do pretty well against this deck because of the high value minions those decks provide and when you juxtapose it to the fact that Druids have shitty removal; you’ve got yourself a tough matchup.

Tempo Mage:
Tempo Mage is probably my favorite deck to play at the moment and archetypes like JAB’s Casino Magerekindled my love for this game. Sometimes, the crazy RNG will bite you in the ass, but most of the time, you’ll be having a blast as you drop a Tirion Fordring that you got out of a card like Unstable Portal orGrand Crusader.

Good Against:
Again, this is an archetype that performs well against some of the top tier decks being played on the ladder right now. It’s one of the most aggressive decks around but because of its sheer amount of removal, it performs very well against other aggro decks like Hunter and Mech Mage. With the nerf of Patron warrior we will see a large influx of aggro decks, and in my opinion, this will be one of the best decks to counter that meta-game with.

Bad Against
Heavy control decks like Freeze Mage, Control Warrior, and Handlock don’t rely on controlling the board early with minions. Their ability to remove several minions and place beefy minions on the board later in the game are too much for Tempo Mage to handle. Luckily though, there are several different decks for this archetype and teching more aggressively or conservatively has never been easier.

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