Season 18 Deck Guide: Managarn’s Legendary Tempo Mage

Season 19 is finally upon us and the arduous grind back to the top has to start all over again. The first full season of The Grand Tournament is over and the meta-game is continuing to fluctuate with new deck archetypes and alterations being played on a daily basis, at a high level. It seems like every day a TGT card is finding a new use while once perceived “extinct” cards are being dredged up to synergize with these new cards. Managarn’s Fallen Tempo Mage is one of those decks that achieve a nice balance of the new and old. In this heuristic deck guide, I highlight some of the stronger and weaker aspects of this archetype and explain why this should be one of your choices when thinking about what to climb with.

How to play:
This is a quintessential midrange deck in that it succeeds by precipitously snowballing the opponent from turn1-7. Dropping a minion on every turn is the strength of most midrange decks and the Tempo Mage does just that, with a plethora of strong minions to play from the start. Managarn’s Tempo Mage differs a little from the traditional archetype by being more aggressive with 21 of the cards being 3-mana or less. The drawback to this playstyle is that it makes it very difficult to recover in games. With no Flamestrikes, minions should be valued at a premium even more and the ability to strategically avoid removal will separate the good players from the bad.

Good against: Midrange Druid and Secret Paladin, two of the most popular played decks, get romped by Tempo Mage. This deck takes advantage of the Druid and Secret Pally’s inability to keep pace and their lack of strong removal by flooding the board early and sustaining pressure with superior minions.

Bad against: Anything that has an abundance of strong AoE will wax this deck. Fortunately, what makes this deck so good is that it doesn’t lose “hard” to anything, with ability to realistically win any matchup. Avoiding cards like Flamestrike, Lightning Storm, and Lightbomb is crucial. Get value out of your minions and don’t overextend against the classes that can wipe the entire board.

Like I said above, you shouldn’t have a problem starting strong with this deck because the majority of the cards cost less than 3-mana. Mana Wyrm and Clockwork Gnome are probably this decks strongest starters; the Mana Wyrm can get out of hand quickly and the Gnome provides additional synergy to a myriad of cards.

Possible Replacements:

Spellslinger: Managarn has a strong affinity for this card, claiming that “On average, [you will] use the spell more efficiently than your opponent.” Unfortunately, I couldn’t disagree more as that statement is completely semantical in its overall analysis of the card. Just because spells synergize well with this archetype doesn’t mean that the opponent can’t “efficiently” use their given spell. The RNG-factor of this card is just too strong; it’s a complete crap shoot and essentially the Blingtron 3000 of spell cards. Yes, it’s definitely a fun card, but to rely on it competitively is foolish. Replace it with a Mirror Entity and at least with that card you can guarantee not getting Pyroblasted in the face.

Nexus-Champion Saraad: Another fun but ineffective card. Dropping a 4/5 on the board for 5 is practically the antithesis of a Tempo Mage; slowing down the pace of play and allowing the opponent to creep back in. Loatheb is always a great replacement for any card and since it’s also costs 5-mana it should seamlessly fit in this deck.

Additional Notes:
Overall, I had a really fun time playing this deck. You will defiantly have more fun playing with the cards I suggested to replace so if you are sick of the same old same old then you should consider keeping them in. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions make sure to leave them below!

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