Legendary TGT Cards That You Should Craft

We are officially a week into The Grand Tournament and it doesn’t look like the meta-game will stabilizing anytime soon. New deck archetypes have already been created and preexisting ones have been tinkered with to accommodate the new cards. If you’re like me, you didn’t spend four hundred dollars to obtain all the cards and are now anxious to learn what cards you should be crafting with your valuably accrued dust. Through some rudimentary research I’ve done over this past week (playing the game and watching some Twitch), I’ve come up with a list of some the most powerful, meta-changing legendary cards that TGT has released so far.

Justicar Trueheart:This card is very circumstantial and in my opinion, only works for a couple of classes. The upgraded ability that Trueheart provides for Druid – Dire Shapeshift, Priest – Heal, and Warrior – Tank Up! is ridiculous. It only works in specific, control heavy archetypes so if you’re not a fan of control or of these specific classes, I wouldn’t invest the dust in Trueheart.  She’s still a 6/3 body so it needs to be dealt with and surprisingly, I’ve seen many people struggle with trying to immediately remove the threat.



Chillmaw: Patron Warriors be afraid, be very afraid because Chillmaw has come to ruin all your patron-ee fun! The fact that Chillmaw is a direct counter to Grim Patron is a just a bonus, it being a dragon is the reason it’s so good. One of the largest revelations that have come out of TGT is that Dragon decks are actually viably good! I’ve gotten wrecked by some strong Priest/Warrior Dragon decks and Chillmaw has been one of the main reasons. It is one of the strongest anti aggro cards to be released, providing a strong body with an ever stronger deathrattle effect. Even if you don’t have a dragon in hand, the opponent will play around it like you do, hopelessly running valuable minions into it to only find out that it was all for naught. Additionally, Chillmaw is a 6/6 so it can’t be BGH’d and if you’re trying to craft a good Dragon deck, Chillmaw has to be a card to consider!



Rhonin: After only getting Acidmaw and Bolf Ramshield with my pre-purchased fifty packs, I was feeling pretty jaded. I then immediately crafted Rhonin for a quick dopamine rush and I haven’t looked back since! This was no Trogzor, I’ve had no buyer’s remorse and I’d have to say this is one of my favorite cards to come out of TGT. Yes, it can be killed by BGH but who cares because its synergy with cards like Archemage Antonidas and possibly even Gazlowe make this card well worth the 1600 dust. It improves both the Tempo and Mech Mage archetypes by seamlessly interfacing with those decks preexisting cards.


Confessor Paletress: I know, a 5/4 body for 7-mana is a horrible deal, but you know what, Acidmaw is a 4/2 for 7 and Paletress does way more! I don’t have this card yet but I can tell you I’ve lost to it more than a few times. It is an absolute must kill card and if the opponent cant remove it immediately, you’re probably going to lose the match. This card might not be the greatest but it’s definitely not bad and it’s probably one of the most fun legendary cards that has come out of TGT.




Varian Wrynn: The hype was there and the hype was real for Varian Wrynn. Drop a 7/7 and draw three cards, do I have to say anything else? Oh, if any of the three cards are minions they are drawn directly to the board? You’ve got to be F*&$&# S*#$%&@% me! If you like to play Control Warrior craft this card, if you hate warrior, pray your opponent draws an Acolyte of Pain.





Additional Notes: 

I’ve probably misjudged or forgot a card that will one day be the next Dr. Boom so if you’ve got any questions, comments, or suggestions, make sure to leave them below!

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