Epic (rarity) TGT Cards That You Should Craft

I’ve always found Hearthstones Epic cards to be a bit of an enigma. Some of them are outstanding and justify their rarity; cards like Big Game Hunter, Ancient of Lore, Doomhammer, and Shield Slam are amazing, meta-defining cards that validate their expense. But then you see cards like Shadowbomber,Far Sight, and Mini-Mage and wonder if they are created for the sole purpose of crafting crazy archetypes. In this article, I circumvent the crap to inculcate you with a better understanding of what you should be crafting so that you don’t have to heuristically waste your time and valuably accrued dust to try and figure it out.

Dark Bargain:
I haven’t witnessed a lot of these on ladder recently but I still think this going to be a meta-relevant card in the future. If you’re either an avid Zoo or Demonlock player this card is for you. The ability to flood the board and not have to gain control through trading minions is a dream come true. It is great against midrange/control archetypes, taking out valuable minions while keeping yours alive. In a Demonlock deck it is much riskier because the discard effect becomes very dangerous if you have important cards like Lord Jaraxxus and Mal’Ganissitting in your hand. Having just one is well worth the risk because eliminating two of the opponents minions for 6-mana is just too much value. In Zoolock, this card is a no brainer as it essentially allows you to further control the board much later in the game while keeping a larger group of minions on the board. Yes its 6-mana, but it’s well worth it if you can get 2-3 more turns out of your minions.



Frost Giant:
This is another card I’m surprised I haven’t seen more of. Midrange archetypes feast on using their retrospective hero abilities and a card like the frost giant could easily cost 4-5 mana in one of those decks. Yes, it gets BGH’d, but it’s also significantly cheaper by the time it’s played, making it a risk worth taking. I’ve tried it in a couple Paladin and Hunter decks and I’ve had great success with this card. I can see a myriad of opportunities for the Frost Giant; someone just needs to tap into its multi-faceted potential.




Mysterious Challenger:
The Mysterious Challenger has been by far, the most meta-defining Epic that has come out of TGT. It has singlehandedly created a new Paladin archetype in a Secrets Paladin which has been a bane of the Hearthstone ladder since its formation. The instant, Mad Scientist effect is not even what makes it so good; it’s the fact that it protects your minions while also buffing up your side of the board significantly. Getting through a Mysterious Challenger secret wall has become one of the hardest things to adjust to so far and is why many pro players have dubbed the Secret Paladin the strongest deck in competitive play.




It really is too bad that the 3-spot is already filled in most priest decks with cards like Thoughtsteal, Velen’s Chosen, Dark Cultist, and Injured Blademasterbecause Shadowfiend is a really good card. It is essentially a mini Emperor Thaurissan and a buffed up Pint-Sized Summoner. Like seriously, how is this card not an auto-include? If you can keep this on the board for a couple turns, the value just balloons, providing you with plethora of late game opportunities. Even in the Dragon Priest this works, making expensive cards combo-able while providing you with a solid 3-drop.




Twilight Guardian:
This might be the best Dragon to come out of TGT. It’s an amazing card with fantastic value. The Dragon-themed deck is actually viable and good, giving precedence to the themed based deck and making everyone wonder why Pirates still don’t work? It is essentially a cheaper Sludge Belcher, giving you 3/6 worth of stats for 4-mana instead of the Belchers 4/7 worth of stats for 5-mana. When coalesced with dragons, the Twilight Guardian becomes one of the best 4-drops in the game, completely nullifying cards like Sen’jin Shieldmasta. New archetypes like Dragon Priest have spawned because of this card and more will come into existence because of it, making it a must have for any hearthstone player.

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