Hearthstone Gets New Heroes!

Today, Blizzard announced the release of all new Hero portraits coming soon to Hearthstone. Strictly serving as a cosmetic replacement for the existing heroes, Blizzard claims that the “New Heroes do not add new cards to your collection or change the classes’ activated Hero Power and are not considered new classes.” At $9.99, the skins will be able to be purchased in the in-game store. Additionally, they are not releasing all the heroes at once; they will be successively releasing them over an undisclosed period of time. The first hero to be released is the Dwarven king Magni Bronzebeard, a warrior, who will be able replace the preexisting hero portrait of Garrosh Hellscream. Magni’s hero portrait is animated much like a golden hero, but unlike the golden heroes Magni’s hero power creates an intricate animation that mellifluously slams down a hammer on the hero power button like the striking an anvil, to produce an additional two armor. Furthermore, each new portrait comes with exclusive emotes and an additional representative card back that can be played in any deck.

Personally, I am psyched for the new skins, and as a player that loves the game but doesn’t have enough time to attain the five hundred rank wins required, for a specific class, this a great way to cosmetically change my favorite heroes. Unfortunately, the heroes look like they are going to be “cash only” purchases and the fact that they are releasing them individually scares me a little bit because I hoped that there would be an initial bundle offer for all the heroes. Paying ninety dollars for skins is a steep price to pay, especially for a game that incessantly goes by the mantra of “free to play.”

The biggest downside of the announcement had to be that the new heroes do not “change the classes’ activated Hero Power.” Initially, I was under the impression that new heroes meant new powers and I would be a liar if I claimed I wasn’t disappointed that they were only cosmetic portrait changes. Hopefully, in the future, the heroes of Hearthstone will obtain multiple powers, so classes like Priest can truly play aggro and Hunters can truly play control. Heck, maybe we could even get a Monk and Death Knight Class!

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